Praying for the Lord to unbrand Isabelle today, really, I was praying that she would REMAIN unbranded. My heart is moved by the fact that so many little girls from the ages of 8 to 12, insist on wearing Abercrombie, and Hollister clothes. Moved to tears. I understand it. I have seen the ads, and I know that they are powerful in our kids’ eyes, so powerful, in fact that eating disorders are starting earlier and earlier, as our daughters try to fit themselves into the mold that these giant companies say is beautiful.

         It is hard for me, I fought tooth and nail to get Sidney to understand modesty from an early age, I sheltered her, and protected her….it just did not work. I spent a lot of the time talking about what NOT to do, and I regret it now. I am great at heaping guilt on myself , and really trying not to. I am trying a different approach with Isabelle, every child is different, and I believe that as parents, we learn different lessons with each one. I pray that Isabelle has an open heart always to the voice of God, and a soft heart towards the voice of her mom. My ideas about modesty have not changed, I have no intention of letting the world’s voice drown me out, I know her worth, and I tell her everyday.

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