The face of HOPE….

   Yep. Back to school. I am so full of faith and hope for this year. And so is Isaiah. He insisted on getting up at 6 am….he was showered and eating when I got up at 6:20. Go figure. He said, I asked the Lord for a word, but I didnt get one, thats ok mom. Yes, thats ok son. Last night Adam got a word for the new year….FRESH. I was excited about this word, the definition is something that you have never encountered. YES ! Thats what we need. It has been a good summer, a gluten/dairy free summer, and Isaiah has grown a lot. There have been bumps, but the good far outweighs the bad.

Then there is BELLE !! She is so excited to be a fifth grader, top of the foodchain. I can’t believe it. She is going to have a wonderful year, so many good things ahead of her….her heart is wide open, and she is ready. Am I ? I’m getting there.                            

Adam. Seventh grade. manchild. love. mystery. funny…..fresh. something I have never encountered before.

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