Formerly young…(and hot)

   I heard something this morning that struck a chord….formerly young. Not old, but not young. Hmmm. Like a 36 year old tween. I would say that in the last year I REALLY started realizing that, I am not young. At first , this was a hard thing, a sad thing. And there were questions, like….what is the right swimsuit for me? how skinny can my jeans be? what do I do about my arms? All vain , I know. But I am seeing the light, not only am I formerly young, but I am also…..formerly foolish, formerly impulsive, formerly fearful….I am learning that you have to be on the OTHER side of young to really know who you are. I’m not there yet….I’m not old enough. There are a few things going for us formerly young women….. I know what I WANT, I know who I LOVE, and who loves ME, I can see around corners(meaning, I have foresight, that comes with experience, thank GOD). I know that right is better than wrong, ( a fact that eludes most young people), and that family is important. I don’t know EVERYTHING, and I don’t like my laugh lines, but I am not going to stop laughing. And truthfully( and I am embarrassed to say), I think , I am getting hotter. There, I said it. Maybe not in the same way as a 25 year old, who hasn’t yet had the pleasure of growing 3 people inside her, but in a more substantial way. WoW. I like being confident, if this comes with age…..BRING IT ON !  Have a great day !

Ps. Thats me in the middle of two super hot, super smart….formerly young women ! Loving Life, and the ONE who gives life !

One thought on “Formerly young…(and hot)

  1. Just stumbled across this–you must have heard about my book! Isn’t it great to be this age–finally? I hope you enjoy it (My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young).

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