It started out as a crab habitat. They worked so hard on it, Belle forming the crab condos, and Z gathering the crabs, big and small. Eventually there would be a Sean and a Kat, and a baby Jordan. There was Amy, Jay, Annalee, Jude, and a tiny Ezra…funny ? Yeah…I laughed too. They took so much time and care creating this habitat for these crabs. I stopped laughing, and became….amazed. Awestruck, at the way they cared, tirelessly working in the sun….never getting bored, or weary. Hmmmm. Sounds familiar. I recognize that kind of care. ABBA….I recognize you….. …in my kids. Feels good.

                 I have a habitat here for my kids. I clean it, and I make it comfortable to live in. But what of my heart ? Is it a nice dwelling place for the one who lives there ? Maybe its time to clean out again. Get rid of the doubts, and the questions, and let HIM love me closer to him. He holds all my appointments, and he carries my treasures, this is what I know. Now what do I DO? Ok LORD, I am leaning into you. Convictions, contradictions, fears, and follies…..I am leaning into you.

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