dealing with myself….

   this day was so long. it was stormy here, with glimpses of the sun. pretty much sums it up. I felt stormy. My critics won’t like this, but I don’t care…I felt stormy. I felt a rumbling in the distance, inside me. I saw streaks of white hot fear, it was close to home. Perfect love casts out fear, again and again, and….again. The rain came, and I wanted to feel clean, instead I just felt…sad. Someone told me today that the sadness would make me a better artist, and that everytime I made my way out of it, that I would be stronger. I know that is true…I can feel it, even now, I can hear you …..the voice inside me, the light around me, calling me out. Asking me to shout….to find out….to write about…..that thing I can’t live without…..LOVE. Perfect love.

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