Indecent exposure….of the soul.

   Recently I have gotten a couple of really negative comments on this blog. Interesting. One lady thinks that I complain and whine all the time, and that if I am having financial problems that I should get off my butt ,and fix them. Ok. Yesterday, Isaiah had a terrible meltdown, it went on for about 3 hours. I realized why it is that I don’t have a job. Isaiah is a full time job. I would love an outside the house career, but I am committed to the kids first. And Susan Martin…..if I can’t whine on MY blog, where can I whine ? And then there is the man, who likes to comment using the F word, about the fact that I don’t let Belle watch Hannah Montanna, nor have I let Adam have a phone yet, at the ancient age of 12. He said that my kids were going to be F876ed up, and that something must be wrong with me.WOW. What could he be getting so worked up about ? I think he searched the word sexting, and found a conservative in me, not exactly what he was looking for, I guess.

     There are times when I don’t feel wise at all, but I know my kids. I trust the Shephards voice to guide me where they are concerned. When Adam is ready for a phone, I will know. As for Hannah Montanna….I just don’t like the show, its a waste of time. Belle is a princess in the court of the MOST HIGH KING, and there are better ways for her to spend her time. I love her, and she loves me, so there, MR. F word…..what the hell do you know about parenting ?

4 thoughts on “Indecent exposure….of the soul.

  1. Bring it girl! What i wonder about is why people who don’t know you waste their own time getting all uppity about your life and feeling the need to indulge in it, and/or comment about how you should do things. If they don’t like it…waste time elsewhere where someone else might care. You are amazing…and so are your kids. Anyone who doesn’t know you or that can suck it. Love, your friend…(who actually does know you.)

  2. FOR REAL!

    i can’t believe that people continue to read your blog if they keep getting their panties in a wad! i’ve quit reading several b/c i’d get all pissy when i read them.

    maybe “mr f word” is billy ray cyrus and he’s just personally offended?

  3. I think your blog is great! I don’t think you’re whining – I think you’re being completely honest and allowing everyone to see your fears, worries, mistakes and vulnerabilities… that’s not whining. You are far more brave than the rest of us who might “think” (in private) some of the things that you are actually willing to “say” (out loud). Who says we have to let our kids do what everyone else is doing? I agree about the cell phone and Hannah Montana – unecessary and complete waste of time. Good thing we live in America and we get to choose how to raise our kids.

    PS – Do you even KNOW Mr. F word or is he a random stranger? If you don’t know him, it’s ridiculous that he would even take the time to read your blog and comment on it at all. He ought to go find other bloggers to heckle.

  4. I have been following your blog for some time now and while I am impressed with your writing skills, I wonder why it is that you do not take too well with criticism? I enjoy your blogs but there are times that you do seem self absorbed and rely too much on your faith to provide for you financially. God does provide but you do have to help yourself. There are plenty others out there that are not as fortunate as you are. However, when someone comments in a negative way, I guess like this one is, you delete those comments and only leave the good ones. If you are true to what you write, which I hope your are, then leave the negative comments (unless they are using bad language) and stand your ground.

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