creative writing

  I have been asked to teach a small workshop on creative writing at the womens conference we have coming up. My soul is fighting it. My soul tries different tactics to get me to say no. Fear, anger, manipulation…..the usual suspects. Fear that I am not good enough, anger that my words have not become songs, and manipulation that I have no knowledge at all about creative writing, after all, all I know is my life. I am self absorbed, self loathing at times, extravagant in my story telling, and self indulged in my poetry. But when it comes right down to it…..I am a psalmist, thats the word that I have been given. I beg for help, consumed in my battle, I doubt that help is coming, and then I clear my head ,and turn to the object of my affection, adoration, and faith…… Creative ? I don’t know. A person who worships with words…yes.

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