one day at a time….

 We are feeling the winds of change. The Butcher is at the restaurant, what feels like 24/7, and I miss him. The kids miss him too. This is life right now. Never been like this before. I’ve been spoiled. Isaiah is doing great with the change in his eating habits ( gluten/dairy free) WAY better than I expected. It’s not easy, and I am eagerly awaiting the lengthy report from our doctor. But I have seen a change in him, he is more PRESENT, and I love that. 

           I spend a lot of my time  wondering…what’s next ? We are ENGULFED in surviving right now, day to day. I am reminding myself that, the joy of the Lord is strength…..strength to stand, strength to smile, strength to dance, and strength to face each new thing that comes my way.  Ok, that’s it for now. Go to Grill 33… is awesome ! I’m not just saying that because the Butcher is running the place….its true.

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