its been a roller coaster of a day….

    Started out rough. Decided to escape to the pool, let the kids play, while I questioned the Lord about his plans….Just to find out that our dear friends the Littlesons had come from Charlotte to surprise us at Grill 33. SURPRISE !! I wasn’t there. But I got there as fast as I could. Somehow, those friends are like water to my soul, and I was so thirsty ! It was brief, but good. The kids insisted we stay at the restaurant long after the Liitlesons had gone. Just being there makes them feel like they are WITH the Butcher. They miss him so much. So do I. He has been my best friend for so long, that its just hard to spend so much apart, not used to it yet.

                                      You are my Prince of Peace, when theres no peace around, and you are my hope, when hope just can’t be found.

                                              I’m turning my heart toward your heart, and turning my thoughts to you

                                                 I’ m putting my eyes on my prize…..and my trust in your plan, I am turning my heart toward yours,

                                                   and  finding myself in …your hand.

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