puzzle pieces….

  I am sorry that its been so long. Sometimes life gets in the way. School is out, the Butcher is opening Grill 33( downtown, across from the Hyatt), and in general….we are nutty ! Isaiah had his first trip to the Holistic Nutritionalist, and it went well. Very informative. He has recommended that we take Isaiah off of wheat/ gluten, and dairy, and limit his refined sugar to as little as possible. Sounds fun, right ? Isaiah has been doing great, I ,on the other hand, like to stress out over problems that haven’t even happened yet, like  ….can we ever go out to eat again ??? Anyways, this is a piece of the puzzle. We will know more in a couple of weeks…..In other news, we are ALMOST done painting. I LOVE the color ! Its the perfect dusty gray blue…warm ,and refreshing at the same time. Looks so good in our craftsmen style house. When we are totally done, I will post pics !

                           Back to Isaiah. The thing that has really struck me in all this gluten free madness, is that although we haven’t been at it long enough to make a difference in his behaviour, he has made a real turn around. What I know is that he will take any fresh start that he can get, just like me with the paint…..He doesn’t WANT to have a behavior problem, or issue. He wants to be the same as everyone else. He’s not. He is extraordinary……and that’s not always easy.

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