just thinking….

I was thinking of painting all the walls downstairs white. What say you about this ?

  I have always been afraid of that looking undone, but I am ALMOST done with worrying what other people think about my space. SO….what do you think ? I said, I was almost done, didn’t I ?

2 thoughts on “just thinking….

  1. Interesting idea – I have been thinking of doing more whites too- there are so many options in white…..who would think? when i look at paint colors, there are almost more shades of white than anything else. benjamen moore paints has some nice white colors (at ace hardware)
    if you did not want to go white white, i have a navajo white in our living room that goes kind of creamy, but you are probably tryin to brighten things up so maybe even whiter.
    i actually love the idea of white up against all the wood in your house and the way you decorate.
    so i say, go, go go for it. you could always paint again sometime if you did not like it – paint is paint.

  2. We did some monochromatic condos downtown and you have to have the furniture and accessories to pull it off.

    Ecru, I think the ceiling should be Ecru.

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