Call on the cowboy…

  After Isabelle saw Jesus in his cowboy gear, she wrote a song titled, “call on the cowboy”. Its beautiful, and her singing it, is beautiful. Maybe I will share it later, if she lets me. After she sang it to me and her daddy, we had a jam session. I showed her a song that I had been working on, and we sang it together. I explained to her that she could get carried away in the end, add words, talk to the Lord in a song prayer….free worship. It was so awesome, I enjoyed myself more than I have in a LOOOOONG time. Somewhere along the way, someone told me I wasnt good enough, and I stopped singing. Last night reminded me how much joy it brings me, and not only me…but the one who created me.  There is so much more to the heart of a worshipper than singing….God is pulling me back to the heart of it.

          A couple of days ago, I found my old indigo girls cd, I popped it in, and was instantly taken back.  There I am, 20 years old in a friends car, we are laughing ,and singing. Figuring out parts, and just having the best time….I wasn’t worshipping at all, I was far from the Lord, but even then…..He was encouraging me to do, what I had been born to do. When I started writing, I stopped singing. I was flustered and frustrated. I didn’t know how to do this new thing. I still don’t. But, I know in my heart that the Lord opening me to something….and so it is. Open my song back up God…..

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