With Mother’s Day so close I can’t help but think about the dynamics between moms and daughters. I guess because, I am both. And both positions are hard. Women are complex…..you are familiar with Eve, right??? Since the beginning of time, there has been a desire to know more than we should….to control and manipulate, more than we should. We don’t live under the curse anymore, but it takes daily discipline to break old habits.

               I love my mom. But, it wasn’t until I had kids of my own, that I stopped to think about the way that my actions affected her when I was growing up….all I could see was how HER actions affected ME.  Selfish, but normal. How do we go about the business of raising abnormal kids ? Specifically daughters….how do we get through the thick layer of world that they wear ? I don’t know, I am still working on it.  What I do know? Well, it was my mother’s love for me that got me through, until I believed and recieved my FATHER’S love for me. And that changed everything. Aha…I have answered my own question…we love them as best we can until they recognize the one who IS Love. Easier said, than done.

One thought on “abnormalities….

  1. Something the Lord set me straight on a while ago; it is my job to love them, it is His job to convict them. Lifted quite a burden from me. Oh, but where can I find that love…back to Him of course!

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