I’ll be darned…..

   Last night Belle wasn’t sleepy when bed time rolled around…..shocker !  I explained tht it would be a good idea to pray until she started feeling sleepy. Well, that sounded kind of boring, so I told her that when I am really needing some one on one time with Jesus that I do this…..I visualize him. I shared with her that HE is sometimes wearing jeans, and a white shirt, and sometimes, he is in full on robe mode. Either way, I say, ” hey there Jesus, Im still in love with you, and I wanted to talk.” I explained that this is what I say, and that she should have her own conversation with Him. And so, that was how I left her…..

                             On to Isaiah’s room, where I decided to continue on with this concept. I asked Isaiah to get a picture of Jesus in his mind, very quickly he said, ” I see him, he is sitting at the top of a hill.” I said, ok , lets walk toward him. Well, Isaiah took it from there. He said, “When I get there, to the top of the hill, we hold hands, and then as fast as we can we run down to the bottom. At the bottom He says, I love you, and then he acts like He is going to blow a kiss to me , but a big pink heart comes out of his lips…like a bubblegum heart!” I just gotta say, I really like that picture ! And Isaiah was happy with it , too. It confirmed the fact that Jesus is ready, willing and able to meet up with us….whenever and wherever.

             As I passed by Belle’s room, I saw that her eyes were open, so I stuck my head in, she said, “I know what he was wearing mommy…. a red, cowboy shirt with snaps down the front, blue jeans with holes in the knees, a cowboy hat, and He had a piece of wheat in his mouth”.  Well, I’ll be darned….

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