the culture of the kingdom I went to Kingdom Culture downtown last night. The link to the left will take you to their website. I talk alot about changing the culture, and I was really inspired by what I found there last night. It was an old building, on W.Washington St. the mismatched sofas were covered, and the stage was cracked, even so….the young woman who greeted us, had the Glory on her face. She knew love, and it showed. It was a warm and wonderful atmosphere. It was mostly people younger than me. Kids, college age, some married….with a heart for the kingdom. It was really evident. The worship was not perfect, or pretentious….it was for the King, I really felt that. I had the overwhelming sense that God was getting great pleasure from the culture shift that was going on there.

               I went there specifically to pray for my friend, Amanda, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Funny thing is, she ended up ministering to me. That’s because she has tremendous joy all over her right now, and its pouring out…just like oil. It was a beautiful thing to see. I’m glad that I went. Ok,  will see you here tomorrow.

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