My little jewel

    More precious than gold, and as sparkly as a diamond….my Belle. Its your tenth birthday, double digits….a new chapter.  This year you have grown so tall ,and beautiful, like a tree that I planted, and watered, and loved….and loved,and loved. You are like a little piece of me that broke off, and grew into something that is MORE than I could have dreamed.  You have it all. Really. Beauty and brains, passion and spunk, a desire for justice, and a love of FUNK! Hahahahahah ! You never give up, and you never give in. I admire you. I don’t want to miss a day. I love you more than these words can say. love mommy.

One thought on “My little jewel

  1. Hey Angie.. oh a car is a car. Don’t sweat it.. Camry’s are wonderful!! I hate having car payments. Mine is almost paid off and I’m keeping that booger for years. Rather spend my money on other stuff.. haha.. So don’t worry about it. dont know much about audi’s but I know Camry’s are good sturdy cars. As long as it gets you where ya going.. who cares what other think. =)

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