Casting my car lots….

    For some reason, I am hesitant to blog. There are things for me to say, but everything feels so…… private….and that scares the hell out of me. I know better than anyone, the power in letting it out. So….lets just start with this….the car. I am, and have been for years, scared of driving a junky car. It comes from childhood days, breaking down, and feeling out of control. And then of course, as a teenager, my cars were terrible. No heat, no air….broken down, terrible. I have just always said, ok, Ill make payments on a newer car, at least then I will know, its pretty good. Cut to the present. The buiding industry has crashed, the housing bubble popped, and left its residue all over us ,like a big sticky bubble that you can’t get off your face.  So, when we decided to let my car go because we were so upside down in it, we were incredibly blessed to be able to buy another car. I was feeling relieved and happy about not having a payment. We searched for cars, for days and days. I wanted something with less than 150,000 miles, and yes, I wanted something with personality. Is that so wrong ?? We found what I thought was the perfect compromise, an Audi wagon. German engineering, drives just like a sports car, hugs the road, tiptronic transmission. There were a few bad reviews, but we had a mechanic check out this particular one and it seemed solid. I named her, Ingrid, and prayed for the Lord to preserve her for a long time to come. I know, thats funny, thats just the way I roll.

                                                             So…..we drove the car to Atlanta, to the American Girl Doll place. We broke down. We had it towed back to the place we bought it from. Our brother in law picked us up. There we were, on Belle’s birthday, doing the last thing that I wanted…..sitting on the side of the highway (actually, we made it to a gas station, but still). I started thinking….thats it, I don’t want this car, I can’t trust it, I want a car that I can jump into and drive to Charlotte, this isn’t it.  The car is in the shop, and they are fixing it. They have offered to let me keep the car for 60 days and if anything else breaks, I can trade it in on another car of the same price. I wanted to trade it RIGHT NOW, but the butcher, says this is a good deal, why not just drive it and wait and see??  I don’t know maybe because, I don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road.  I have real trust issues, even with cars, I guess.

               Here is the thing, I can get an old Toyota camry for the same price, with a few more miles on it, but its so boring. And thats the meat of it…..I love the personality of the Audi, but I don’t trust it, the camry is reliable, but BORING and generic.  Seems like an easy choice for the wise. But we are talking about me.  So , for now, we are waiting for the Audi to get fixed, and we are driving the camry. Maybe, it will grow on me.  On to bigger subjects tomorrow.

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