burning in my belly…

    Here’s something…the Lord chases after me, even on my ugly days. Go figure. His touch, that fire, that is inside me ,that changes me, that makes me shine ,when I let it…..I can’t, we can’t manufacture it. It’s not man made…..its real. He is real. Without him, I am only an imposter, an impossible fake. WITH HIM….I am REAL. One woman can change the culture, I believe that. I don’t know how to do it, but I believe that it can be done.  I can ask the Lord to show me what he has in store for my husband, and my kids, and then I can go before them. I can pray, and lay the groundwork. He has set his love upon me, and because of that….I am strong enough to change the atmosphere. Mothers- you can dismantle culture as we know it. You can be the woman that your daughter turns to, and the woman that your son lifts up. I am not a dreamer, I am living in a world where the Bible tells me to call out the things that are not ,as if they ARE.  And so, I am. 

                     I don’t want to get tired, and give up on righteousness. I know that I have enough light inside me to change the darkness that comes creeping in. And so do you. What would it look like if you started dismantling the culture of your home, if you changed the atmosphere with your husband ??? Inquiring minds want to know…..

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