Kingdom Kids !!!!

My kids were up early this morning. They had a plan. They took a box( an empty caprisun box), and they started filling it with change from around the house. It is money to help pay Amelia Cone’s medical expenses. Amelia is the daughter of Isaiah’s teacher at BellsCrossing Elementary, you can read about her situation here<> .

                 I always accuse my kids of being selfish…..bad mommy !! They aren’t, they are just like me, they focus on themselves until they have something better to focus on. Isaiah took all of the money that he was saving for silly bands and put it right into that box ! They are doing kingdom work RIGHT NOW. They have enlisted the help of Jordan, a neighborhood friend and so far, so good. We have the best neighborhood, and the best neighborhood kids…..their hearts are just BIG, it makes me so proud. In the midst of health care fraud, and disgusting headlines….heaven still comes to earth, in the form of our kids.  The least of these are the greatest.

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