Every year we pray for Isaiah’s teacher. We ask the Lord to give him just the right one. The one who will see more to him than meets the eye, the one who will take the time to draw him out, and so far….HE has delivered. This year we have Jenny Cone (second grade at Bells Crossing), she is 6 feet tall and beautiful. At the beginning of the year, when we realized that she was pregnant and would have to go on maternity leave , we were anxious about how Isaiah would transition. He did great ,and God was faithful to give us a sub, (mrs. nemecek), who was perfection.  After Christmas break, Mrs Cone came back, she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, named….Amelia. Isaiah was instantly in love with, and protective over this baby. He added her to his prayer list, and if she is ever sick, it becomes a prayer topic at the dinner table. Thats one of the things that I love about Isaiah, once he let’s you in, and trusts you….thats that, for life.

                              Yesterday, Isaiah came home a little upset that Mrs. Cone left class early and was crying. Apparently there was something going on with baby Amelia’s eyes. I really thought that maybe she had pink eye, and that Isaiah had just overreacted, or misunderstood. This morning I recieved an e-mail from Mrs. Cone.  ( Amelia is 6 months old). They had noticed her eyes twitching, and took her in for a check up. What they found dropped me to my knees this morning. There are tumors behind each eye, that they believe are cancer. They will do an MRI today, and then most likely go to Philadelphia to have surgery. I cannot express how this has broken my heart. For the Cones, and for my baby. How is he going to take this ?  He prayed for Amelia so diligently, when she had an ear infection a few weeks ago.

                          Please pray for baby Amelia. Please pray for Isaiah, that he would have faith. Please pray for this young mother and the injustice that has come into her life. She has asked for prayers, and I am asking for warriors. Please stand up, and bow down, take time out, and petition the Lord on behalf of this family. This is what we are here for.

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