a manly man.

 The Butcher has gone to work today. Yes, it’s true that the doctor said to stay off of the foot for a week plus. And yes, its true that it was hurting this morning. But, my husband is a manly man, and he cannot be restricted to this house any longer. It just will not do. He is wild at heart, in a good way. There are things to be done, and he will do them. I love him.

                      I am feeling the end of the fast coming, and although there has been some real crap going on over here, I have been drawn closer to the Lord. In practical ways. HE has had my back on tough days. I can only hope that my face reveals the glory of him, that my countenance has been changed, affected, by his touch.

                     Sing me a song little bird, speak my love out loud

                     sing me a song little bird, lift it high above the ground

                      toils may come, still you sing…..

                    sing me a song little bird, bring your offering

            I am waiting and watching, my hand outstretched

              drawing you closer my little song bird.

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