not exactly a honeymoon…

Ok, at first it sounded sort of great. The Butcher home with me, laid up, helpless. He would have to have hours of conversation with me, and depend on me for his every need and whim. What was I thinking ? Not great. He is like a crazy man, he is going stir crazy. Maybe tomorrow will be easier, since its supposed to rain. He is trying to spend the time thinking. About all sorts of things….our life, our finances, God as provider, family relationships….sounds good until you actually TRY to do it, and then you lay there in your invalid state, and let all the things that you can’t change overwhelm you. Maybe tomorrow, we will play yahtzee !

                 We did find out that he has a couple of jobs when he recovers, so that is good. God is leading us ,blindfolded, into each new day. We are shuffling our feet, and stumbling, but we are following.

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