never a dull minute.

Last night I cooked the first dinner in our new home. We have actually been in for a week, but did not get the oven in until Friday night. I was feeling good, domestic…even. I thought I heard singing outside ,where the Butcher and Adam were playing basketball. I kept on fooling around in the kitchen, determined not to burn anything. It was only a minute later when Adam came flying in the door,”MOM, Dad is hurt, come QUICK !” Not what you want to hear. Upon running out, I found my husband on the ground in incredible pain. He was sure that he had a broken ankle. That singing I had heard…not so much, more like howling. He described the sound that he heard as he turned the ankle, popping ,cracking, and crunching. It wasn’t breakfast cereal people, it was his ankle, and that’s not good.

                      We all prayed for healing, the pastor of our church called and prayed over the phone. We decided to give it until morning, before going in for the x-ray. By the morning, it was huge and purple. We were sure that it was broken, he could not stand on it all. We had Dr. Ben come over and pray with us after church. It was a good prayer time, started out asking for a creative miracle in the ligaments ,and bone, of the Butcher’s ankle, but ended up praying for the heart of the matter. Somehow, the heart is always at the heart of it. And for that, I am grateful.

           We got the x-ray…..NOT BROKEN !!!! From the look of it, we were sure that it was. NOT BROKEN, NO SURGERY !! So relieved. Thomas will have to be off of it for at least a week….he tore all of the ligaments, severe damage, but NOT BROKEN. This had been our prayer. And now we pray for supernatural recovery. And supernatural faith that the Lord will provide while Thomas cannot, that’s where the heart comes in. Sometimes you are sitting around, covering yourself up in your circumstances, when something happens that puts your eyes back on the prize….Jesus.  The prize, the reward….the one we’re running for.

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