touching base…

I am still here. Just not on facebook. I am fasting that, among other things. Enough said. The moving is moving along. Tomorrow, the Butcher will put door knobs and cabinet pulls up, hopefully he will get to the closets and mirrors, too. We’ll see.  The blogs this week will be sketchy, my mind is going in a million different directions.

               Youth group….what can I say ? Matt is making me happy. Last week, he gave the sex talk, and the pornography talk. He said all the same things that I do, only in a cooler way. I sat there listening, thinking,” yes, you guys can CHANGE the culture, not just blend into it”. Adam was moved, any of you who have middle school boys , know that it is a miracle in itself if they REALLY hear something. I am not giving up. Matt has given me hope that there are people who have my back, people who believe that purity, even in todays world is attainable, if you are willing to fight for it.  Why live with less ? Every kid out there who lets someone talk them into sex, is being lied to and stolen from. Is that ok with you ? Its not ok with me. But you already knew that.

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