The fast and furious.

       Busy,busy,busy…. Feels like I have sat around for months WAITING to move, for the house to be ready. Yesterday, the Butcher says to me”we have to move on saturday”. THIS SATURDAY ? Yep. There are no closet racks, no door knobs, no mirrors, no appliances…..sure, why not ? So, I am walking around my current house trying to figure out where to start. Luckily, we are good at moving, plenty of practice. I just start with the things we don’t use on a daily basis, and go from there.

                Belle asked me the other night if we could try to stay in this house until she was grown up ( she has a friend who has lived in the same house her whole life). At  first I felt sorry for her, but then I realized… Home is where the heart is. Really. We are movers, in the natural, and in the spirit.

             Good things about the new house

  • No neighbors so close that we can see their t.v.
  • A back porch
  • A Pantry
  • a laundry room that you can’t see from the back door
  • a bonus room

 I am excited about it, the move will be fast and furious, but every time you get a fresh start….enjoy it !! This means organization, and clean tubs. Ok. Back to work, see you soon.

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