Long time no post…

   As you can imagine the days over here have been FULL. We started packing on wednesday, my sister had her baby on thursday( I will post a picture soon, his name is Ezra, and he is beautiful), more packing on friday, and saturday…we moved in. O M Goodness !  So, I thought I would compile a little list of the things that we are missing, and the things that we are…not.

  • we are missing an oven, however, we are not missing any meals !
  • we are missing a dishwasher (the Butcher and I, have been taking turns )
  • we are missing doorknobs, but the kids are not missing creativity, they have created their own doorknobs out of random objects.
  • we are missing the covers that go over all of the vents, but we are not missing HEAT !
  • we are missing a powder room mirror, but thankfully, that bathroom DOES have a door !

When it comes right down to it, we aren’t missing much. We are enjoying the new house thoroughly. We have each other, we have great friends who helped get us in here. I mean really, true blue. In love with you all, you are always there when we need you. Thanks. The kids are at the neighbors house playing now, and I am swept away in a wave of emotion, and grattitude for today.  I am praying for the Weir family, they lost their daughter in a car accident this weekend. I will be unpacking, and find myself praying again for the peace ,that I know they need. It has rocked my attitude, and I am humbled. Enjoy the snow, live in the present….peace.

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