just a little something….

 The truth is….I am just a little tired of all the heavy stuff. So, I will share a new truth today ! Last week both of my sons had strep throat, they were pitiful. Laid on the couch, silently( that is the key word) suffering. They wanted to snuggle, but not too much. They needed me, but also wanted to rest. WELL…..Isabelle is at home today with a cough, sore throat and a temp. What a different patient she is ! She started the morning off moaning, asking for things, in terrible pain….hardly able to make it. Eye opening, really. She feels good enough to still get her 2000 words in by lunch time. I wonder where she gets that ?

                               The fact is, boys and girls are different. Men and women are different.Brothers and sisters fight, husbands and wives fight.Men want to fix it and forget it, women want it fixed….the way they want it fixed.period.

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