Slumpy Dumpy….

 Since Thanksgiving, I have been at home, without a job, every day, all day long….boring.

        I LOVE fashion, always have, but the reality of my situation has brought out the slumpy-dumpy in me. And believe me, when I say, slumpy-dumpy, I am not talking about the cute sweats in the photo here to my right.  I am getting sort of sick of it. It went from getting excited about the prospect of simply going to Target, to not really getting dressed for anything other than church. I have been not answering my phone ,and basically am sinking into the comfort of my home. The truth hurts. I wish that I could throw myself into something and really care about it, but I don’t, its got me a little worried. Our limbo is lingering. I really haven’t even wanted to blog, because I really don’t want your encouraging words. Thats the kind of mood I’m in. 

           I know it drives the Butcher CRAZY, whenever I am down. He is a fixer, and there isn’t much he can do. He is doing his best, and that is what keeps me going.  I want my JOY back ! I want my STYLE back !!  I am the original Glam Girl, I’ve just lost my mojo. But don’t you worry, it was mine all along, and I’m gonna find it !!

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