Sonshine on my face….

     The Butcher is out peddling his goods. I am encouraged by his tenacity. I am one of those people who can stay inside my house for days at a time, safe and secure with my treasures around me. Not the Butcher. He is a mover and a shaker, an exhorter. A party on wheels…literally, now that he has a hot dog cart. I, on the other hand, am being quiet. I am waiting desperately for the Lord to speak, to call me. Yesterday, I was quietly hiding, but today, I am quietly being held by Yeshua. Its nice. There is no urgency, life is not unravelling, if I sit in the silent sunshine, and just ….be. What a relief that is.

                             It is a week that is filled with school projects, and hip hop classes for belle and z, birthday parties….there is life happening around me, but for now, I am sitting. And for once….I am okay with that.

     My Lord, roll over me, swell up in me, break me open, and then….flood out.


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