Zippy dogs….all around town !

            So….The Butcher got the official OK to park his Zippy Dog cart outside of the ACE Hardware on Woodruff this Saturday ! Is it weird ? YES. Is it wonderful ? YES ! He dreamed it, he went after it, and he is going to do it. He is not afraid of hardwork, and with his personality, I am betting that people will be showing up for the joke of the day, as well as the delicious NATHAN’S hotdogs ( homeade chili, too) !

                   Apparently, we did not realize just how good we had it at Thomas’ job. (sorry Taft) You don’t know what you’ve got til its gone….sad song. Anyways, we had a company car, and a company phone. So, when the job is gone, not only do you lose your income, but you take on a car payment and a new phone bill ! I believe that the Lord has been looking out for us though. As usual. We believe that we have been able to find 2 cars for the same amount we were paying for just mine ! Funny, just like houses, automotive values are down, too.

   I have been on the computer all morning applying for jobs…its tough because Thomas’ hours are so up in the air, and we do have a house and 4 kids that still have to be taken care of. They are my first priority. So, once again, I am asking….if you know of any possibility of a job (file clerk, answering phones…) please let me know. Thanks, and thanks for reading !

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