bloody bothered today

  BLOODY HELL ! I knew it last week. Was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t be so. we are struggling with school again. Z didn’t go into his church class yesterday,and had to be walked in by a counselor last thursday. This morning he started with,”I dont feel well”, then went into full blown crying and running when it was time to get into the car. I lost my mind at first, then I talked calmly, then I gave in and decided…fine, a day off. I really don’t need you to tell me that it was a mistake, I know that. When he was calm enough to hear what we had to say, we told him the deal. Now its up to him to make the choice to fight or not fight tomorrow. We are prepared for the battle, but sure hope we don’t have to fight it.

                                  Yesterday Rich( our pastor) talked about the enemy. How he is REAL. Yeah…a real monster. He has been coming and coming and I know that I can’t back down. I know it. He wants me to think that it will be easier to let my kids, all of my kids, do whatever they feel like doing, cause that will make them happy. And ,don’t I want them to be happy ??? No, I would prefer that they do what is RIGHT.   Rich spoke it, and I agree. YOU try to raise a GODLY kid, and then watch the LIAR come. He does not waste time, he has no time to waste. His days are numbered. Jesus did not come to bring peace, he brought a sword. Got that from Matthew this morning. A sword. Truth. So, even in the midst of this BLOODY CRAP, I know that MY GOD REIGNS. He reigns and rules. I stand HIM up here in this house, I crown him KING JESUS and I lay down my life before him. I lay down my rights to smooth sailing right now. I declare battle, and I am the battle axe. I will break apart the rocky ground where Isaiah stands, and give him the tools to do the same. I will teach him to say, go to hell lucifer. Yeah, thats right….I will. matter of fact, I am doing it right now. bye.

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