Still reveling in the picture of the Father’s love for me and what it looks like on a practical level.  It looks like Thomas bringing me coffee and headache medicine in bed this morning. It feels like Thomas picking me up from the floor, where I lay when everything is wrong, telling me,”its gonna be okay”.  He is my husband ,and yet the best picture of a Father’s Love….even for me.

                                              I am grateful that there is someone out there who knows me well enough, to know that I have a love affair with Jesus, and that I am willing to stoke the fire, and keep it going, but that without REAL knowledge of a Father’s love, its hard to connect with God. And therefore, hard to feel his love sometimes.  I felt it today, and I will keep it close at hand. I will dig as deep as I have to for the wells of joy that have been promised to me.

ps. CrossRoads Community Church is hosting HIS presence tomorrow night @ 6:30. I am going, I am eager, before today I would’ve said I was going because I love him so much, but after today, I want you to know that I am going because of how much he loves ME. He wants me there, he waits for me, longs for me….and you, too.

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