cold hands…warm heart.

    Its really cold out there. Yesterday it was really cold in here, too. Not today, today, my heart is warm and hopeful. If I open myself up, I am always surprised by the goodness that awaits me. Made time to see a friend today. Felt good. She is wise beyond her years, highly prophetic, and really loves me. Then I made time to talk to a new friend, shared a little bit of my life with her, and felt like she GOT it. I think its incredibly generous of the LORD to put women like these two in my life. I am grateful for words of love and encouragement, I am humbled at the sight of the body of CHRIST, acting like the body of CHRIST.

                           There is real strength in being broken open and letting someone see inside. The kind of strength that gets you out of bed, that cleans your house, the kind of strength that changes your atmosphere. 

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