outside in.

          I know. You are supposed to go from the inside out, but this week that has not been working for me. I have laid around here, not feeling good, consumed by the future. I have barely gotten dressed, combed my hairs, or even bothered with makeup. That is not like me. I am far to vain to sit around barefaced. So….today I will work from the outside in. I will shower, and do my hairs justice, I will cover the dark circles under my eyes, and make my lips shiny. I will feel better.  I will force myself to put on clothes that my OCD would normally have me save for a place to go. I will feel better.

                          I have been created inside and out by the AUTHORITY on….me. HE knows what I need. And if he says,”from the outside in”, then so be it.  I will be an empty jar today, instead of being filled with questions and concerns, I will be empty….ready to be filled.

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