my kids say the darndest things…

   Let me just say, I love it when a day ends this way. I am pleasantly surprised at the kids that I have. I am guilty of underestimating them on a daily basis. Ok, I will keep this brief. Bedtime is just full of interesting surprises around here. For starters, tonight when I put Belle to bed, she was reading her devotion, and said to me,  “have you ever heard your heart crying mommy?” I said what do you mean, and she said, “I look fine on the outside, but I can hear my heart crying on the inside”. I had never heard it put quite so eloquently, but yes, I believe that I have heard my heart crying….it was in fact ,crying right then because hers was. They are one and the same.

               And then there is Isaiah (who will be 8 years old in a couple of short hours) I prayed a special birthday blessing over him and truth be told, I might have gotten a little carried away. I prayed that the Lord would START HIM UP, those were the words that I kept repeating. And then I went on to ask that the LORD would start a fire in his belly, that it would burn and burn and cause a hunger for knowledge in Isaiah starting now, that his 8th year would be the year that he would step boldy into the place that is rightly his. MEANWHILE…..I can barely contain myself, my joy, my tears….Isaiah is laying over there on his side of the bed, arms raised, speaking out, calling out ” yes LORD, do it. DO IT LORD.”  My little lion warrior king…look out world, he is coming.

    And my man-child(adam)…we were chit chatting, and I said  “ok, goodnight”….and he said,  “I like you , you can stay longer”. It don’t get no better than that people ! He likes me. He wants to be with me. I will not forget this moment, I will not forget this moment. Not even when he gets married and loves another woman more, I will not forget this moment.

             All I can say about the chronicles of Sidney(17), is that we are making it. We are the blind leading the blind. We love her and she loves us. Each day is its own adventure, but HE makes all things new. He makes our hearts new, every day, if need be, he makes our love new, our ideas new, and our patience new. He won’t grow faint, even when we do.

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