back to life, back to reality…

           The kids went back to school today. Hmmmm. Quiet house. Isaiah did great, his teacher has been on maternity leave, and today was her first day back. Isabelle said she woke up every hour and did not sleep well, Adam was excited(odd), and Sidney, well, she was down right nervous, and rightly so. She has behaved really ridiculously at school, with teachers and kids alike. She wants a new start, but isn’t sure how that will be recieved. I hate that highschool. I really do. And I am anxious about the dynamics in our family, once Sidney gets back with her peeps. Ok, actually, I’m scared.

                                     Tomorrow is Isaiah’s birthday ! He will be 8 years old. And that….is keeping my mind occupied today. After that, I will have the packing up of this house to keep me busy. I am trying not to focus on Sidney, and the gentle tug of war that has become our lives. This morning, I was not pleased with her outfit, but I let it pass. I brought it up, she knew how I felt, but I didn’t push. I want modesty to be HER choice, and so far, its not. I feel like I am compromising ALOT, and no one else is. Ok….enough of this. I said, I wasn’t going to think about it.

                           I am off. There are things to be done, and life to be lived…ok, actually, there is wrapping paper, and school supplies to buy. Regardless, I am off. Peace, peace, peace, peace.

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