Divine appointments….

          The Butcher is so creative. I am grateful for that. I know I have said it before, he truly is a visionary. The atmosphere here is full. We are starting over basically, as far as jobs go. The coffee company is doing good. People love it, and he has regular customers…how do we push it to the next level ? He is a great chef, and would love to design and run an eatery….we need an investor. Know anyone ? Its funny, the restaurant business is how we met, and I have always been grateful to the LORD for getting us out of it, but now I am wondering if Thomas couldn’t be beneficial in restoring that profession….hmmm, food for thought. Remember, you are reading the ramblings of a mom of four, who in the last two months has been pushed to (what she thought were) her limits.  We have weathered some storms since Thanksgiving, but I really believe that I am seeing with more clarity than ever before. Clarity about love and life, marriage and children. Its good.

                               I want some supernatural intervention into our lives. I want someone to see the potential in my husband, the way that I do. I want to do MY part in taking care of the family. I don’t want to worry about school all the time.The Lord says to ask, and so, tonight, I am putting my head down and asking the LORD for the things that ARE NOT right now, to become true. A fabulous job/opportunity for Thomas, a christian school for my children, where they can bloom and blossom, a job for myself that allows me to be home when my family is home….the right job, a divinely appointed job, and a new song. I would like that, a fresh new song, for this fresh new year.

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