A Whole New Decade !!

      I was so excited when I realized that I have a whole new decade to work with !!  In the words of  Tom Petty, “the future is wide open”. Really, thats how I feel. I have a few normal resolutions and a few not-so-normal ones, too. I have plans of my own, they are made up of waiting on the Lord.

                    Normal Resolutions

  • Take vitamins
  • stay away from white food
  • drink water
  • in general, take care of my body better.

Not so normal Resolutions

  • Put my head down more( and let the Lord speak)
  • worship in some way or another everyday
  • forget my fear
  • lead in some way, blaze a trail, prepare the way
  • love without strings
  • write , even when I feel like God is the only one reading
  • focus on the fact that the LORD has put words inside me, lyrics, rhymes, songs, and lovestories….

  The Lord is stirring inside me, calling me out. The last 10 years of my life have been amazing, I am ready to see what the next 10 will bring. I feel an anticipation building that is wrecking my normal way of life.

                   Thank you to our sweet friends who put us up for new years eve. We love you so. Your words stir deep thoughts in us. Even in silliness, you are wise.

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