I seem to be in a state of limbo over here. We are currently finishing a new house to move into, however, the butcher is getting laid off. It seems weird to be picking out things and painting rooms, when you know, in a couple of weeks …..there is no job. I am not worried, just weirded out. 

             And then there is me. What do I do ? Ever since the whole Glam Sham, I have wondered…..what do I do ? I have 4 kids that need my undivided attention, they all seem to be at crucial spots in their lives. However, there has to be money. There is nothing that I would love more than to see the kids at Southside Christian school, but it so extravagantly expensive. Why isnt there some kind of scholarship for a deserving 12 year old, with an iq thats off the chart, and a heart for the LORD ??  Ok, trying not to get off the subject of my limbo….

                        Can writing this blog make me an income ? I don’t know. I certainly enjoy it, but is that a realistic thought ?  Ok. I have to pray about this, and maybe you could too.

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