Z….my eight year old mystery.

 A funny picture, I know. A funny boy. He is 8 today. He does things his own way, says what he wants to say. When he says thank you, or I love you, you can be sure that he is not just being polite….because he really isn’t polite. Kind, yes…polite, no. He started voicing his opinions when he was 2. We went out to lunch one sunday and there were a lovely group of Chinese people eating close by, we had no way of knowing or preventing what was about to happen. Once my baby Isaiah caught sight of them, he stared, and started pointing, and chanting,”chinese, chinese, chinese, chinese”. Embarassing?  YES. Funny ? Yes. We ahd to leave lunch a little early. Not too long after that incident, my mom and I took Z shopping at the Goodwill, Mom got into the check out line with Isaiah in the buggy, he had a perfect view of the man in line behind them. The man with the handlebar mustache.  The man smiled, Isaiah stared….my mom stood by unaware. Isaiah would not look away, and then in his very loud 2 year old voice he said, ( looking the man in the eye, mind you)”I DONT LIKE MUSTACHES !”   I don’t think the man minded very much, but my poor mom was embarassed.

                                              When Isaiah wants something , he goes for it. I like that about him. He is honest, and raw, and always easy to get along with….I don’t know where he gets it. Hmmmm. Those qualities are what I admire most about him, those qualities are going to be the very weapons that he will draw from when he is a young man, and not just a boy. Even though, he is only 8 today….one day, he will be a mighty man of God. That is evident. I have a ton of posts on this blog about him if you are interested in his journey, you can go back through and see just why I love him so much. Have a great day ! Happy Labor day to me, and happy happy birthday to Z.

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