good stuff

               Its been a good day ! We invited friends over for all of the kids, and even though it was freezing, they played outside! They came in, and had hot cocoa, and I felt like, all was right with the world.  I actually have some of the Christmas shopping done and now, I am ready for wrapping. Well, the truth would be, I am ready for the Butcher to do some wrapping !

                                                           I have gotten so many comments on this blog, mostly from people that I don’t know, thanking me for writing in such a raw, and honest way. Well, you are welcome. I can assure you, that I do it for my own mental health. HOWEVER, if the Lord sees fit to speak to any of you through me, then I am blessed. Its been a little hard to feel blessed lately, but I am. My eyes are open….I am loved, I am blessed and highly favoured.

                                                                           I am dancing at CrossRoads the sunday before Christmas and I just can’t wait ! I am usually a nervous wreck when I dance, but this time, the Lord said something to me that really made me anticipate the dance itself. I was doing my normal thing, telling the Lord that I shouldn’t dance , lamenting about the things in life that are not perfect, things he already knows..and basically thinking of excuses to say no to the dance, when I heard him say, ” Just let me love you “.  My heart opened and I began to look forward to the dance, the love that HE had in store for me. It started at the first rehearsal, when my friend Kat walked in ! HOLY MOLY ! She hasn’t danced in years, she has been sick. I have clearly heard the Lord say that there would be a breakthrough in worship at CrossRoads, when Kat began to dance again ! Its coming people…..Let the love of the Lord fall down, let it come down, let the joy of the Lord come down and let it be our strength.  Happy Day.

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