You make all things new.

             When the mountains crumble and the earth falls away….I will trust in you.

                  When the walls close in and the lies ring true….I will trust in you….I will trust in you.

                              You make all things new, you make all things new…..

      Ok, good morning. I wanted to post on Sunday, but time slipped away from me, and then on monday, my voice slipped away from me, too. So, I will do it now.  We made it to church on sunday morning, a victory in itself ! And hear me when I say, I have never heard the Lord so clearly. I know, I say that a lot, but its true. He said, “I am stronger than you, Let me carry this”, and then HE took it.  I could have danced all night.

                         Looking back now, I can see that he was preparing me for the battle to come later that day. There have been arrows every day. Fiery arrows with poisoned tips, aimed for me and for my husband. The enemy uses anyone, and anything that he can find.  The Lord is our shield and our shelter…..I will trust in you.

                                             Let’s talk family for a minute. What does it look like ? What does it feel like ? I am pretty sure that it should feel good, and safe. That is not reality, at least not for us. In my family, there is trust. I can tell my mother anything. I can trust her. That does not mean that we always get along, we don’t, but I know that she loves me.  I am grateful for that. I am praying for my husband today, as he struggles with a new reality that love is not a word that can be spoken, its an action, its a million moments made up of choices to do the right thing by a person, its loyalty and safety, and honesty. Love does not lie to you. LOVE DOES NOT LIE TO YOU.

                                                                For 15 years I have been a part of the Butcher’s family now, and I am so sad for him. I am so hurt for him. I am so thankful for his Father, he taught my husband how to love, and my children are reaping the benefits of that.  Some people do not understand love and honesty….their actions are evidence. You will be known by your actions. Thats not me being legalistic, thats me speaking practically. Some people cannot be trusted, they are not trustworthy. Its sad when those people are in your family, but I am sure we are not the only ones with issues like these. We are very blessed to have friends who are like family, friends who can be trusted, friends who know more about what is going on in our lives, with our children….with our hearts, than we would ever tell our families. The funny thing is, some of the family, I said SOME, stick their noses in without any knowledge of the situation, let alone…the truth. And that is where things get tangled and hearts get broken.

                                               All that being said, it feels good to know that when my husband and I think we cannot carry one more thing…we don’t have to. The Lord has spoken out that HE can.  He can and He will. 

                                                                                         PS…if you are reading this honey, I love you and love you and love you. You are not a failure, as a father, as a husband and you are not a failure as a son. I can see your heart and I know how much you love. So does Yeshua.

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