Went to church last night. We were hosting his presence. Yeah…he was there. It was good to see him, good to praise, good to cry, good to intercede for those who were not there….it was just good. It’s good to know that His love covers all I’ve done. What a relief. I promised him that I would crown him, and stand him up in my home. Its easy to question every parenting decision that you have ever made when one of your children moves out, before the time is right. It would also be easy to have a knee-jerk reaction, and parent the others in the opposite way. But, I know what I have heard from the Lord….I know, he wants us to be set apart. That includes our children. Its hard to hear that some other kid has made fun of them because they don’t have a phone, or they don’t watch hannah montanna….I am so sick of that. Its the spirit of this age, and I don’t want to give in. My nine year old does not need a facebook page, my twelve year old does not need a phone. period.  I am so sad that parents cave in , rather than interact with their kids on these subjects. I don’t know, maybe you have never asked the Lord for prophetic words for your kids, but I have, and I took them seriously. HE said they were set apart. set apart. set apart. I know we live in this world, so don’t come preaching that, but we have to view this world as temporary. I am praying for their future spouses…praying that their parents are setting them apart, too.

                                                                          I know that my kids will make their own choices eventually,and I am painfully aware that they are not perfect, but for now, I am going to do my part in protecting their hearts. Isn’t that my job ?

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