Surprises and Surmises…..hmmmm.

                        I speak freely on this blog, and am happy to do so, therefore…..a shout out, to those who are willing, and able to apologize when they find out that their words ,or actions, have wounded you. Its not an easy thing to do, believe me, I know(just ask the Butcher). So, to you…I say, thanks. My heart feels better. Amazing ….woke up with more freedom, than I had when I went to bed. Its hard to surprise me, but you did.

                                 To others of you, who stand by your hurtfulness, and self-deception…..I will quote my uncle Danny, “BEARS ASS….PAY ATTENTION “. You are missing out, I am a good friend and loyal to a fault. Hope you find some peace. I have.

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