wide open….

                   Our Christmas tree is up. Our family ornaments have been carefully unwrapped, and looked at, and talked about, the stockings are hung….hmmmm. The Butcher and I are doing the best that we can to make things holly, and jolly, and fun.  What it comes right down to, is the fact that this year….things are screwed up. Our jobs, our family….Ho Ho HO feels like No NO No.

                                   I am thinking that when you have nothing else, you cling to the manger. The hay, the bloody birthplace of  the one who is LOVE.  Yes ! That is what I am going to do. Oh Mary….the suffering that you were in for.  I am sure that bittersweet tears slipped down her face as she looked at him….the light of the world. And even then , he was her SAVIOUR, as he is mine today.

                                        I trust the LORD, he is all I have. I have no material posessions to speak of, and no control over what anyone else does, what I thought was GAIN, has been counted lost. So here we are…..hearts wide  open to HIS leading.  Take over this Christmas Lord ! Take it over. Make it over. 

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