I guess we all have one…don’t we ?

         One holiday down, one more to go. It was a beautiful day for Thanksgiving…perfect weather to be outside around a fire, which we were ! I was hesitant to go this year, without Sidney. But, in an effort to keep things normal for the other kids…we went. We went to the Butcher’s sister’s house, a lovely log cabin, that makes you feel at home right away. It was fun and festive, the kids played outside and roasted marshmallows, there was a fried turkey and desserts a plenty !

                                         Everyone was kind and supportive, I watched a mom and daughter cry with relief ,that they were past some hard times, and laugh with the spirit of true thankfullness. It touched my heart and made me happy and hopeful. And then there was one….isnt there always one ? The person who LOVES to give their opinion, especially , when its controversial. Funny, I have never given my opinion about her parenting…not in 14 years. I guess its in the genes. That sort of self-righteousness that says, “i know best”. It was toxic, and judgemental. I was sorry that my great day ended that way.  I will be better prepared for Christmas.

ps. Being mad and hurt does not mean that I am not going to forgive, it means, I am mad and hurt. fresh and new, and figuring things out. period.

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