Thank YOU….

                Thankful for….

  • the Butcher’s furry legs, to keep me warm at night
  • Z’s crooked big boy teeth
  • the far off sound of Belle singing her heart out in her room
  • Adam’s cut off pj pants, the ones he has been wearing for 4 years(they make him look like a pirate)
  • that sidney has somewhere to be, on this Thanksgiving Day.
  • little boy hands rubbing my head, when it hurts
  • code words that mean….I love you.
  • pumpkin pie for breakfast
  • nonsensical songs coming from my husband….until I tell him to STOP IT !
  • Annalee and Jude, never knew how much I would LOVE being an aunt….until you.
  • my mama….she loves me.
  • Andie….the last chapter hasnt been written, make it good.
  • Amy and Jay- thankful for the both of you and the soapapillas. hahahaha !
  • obviously…YESHUA, and the love he let pour out of his body for my sinfullness. I will spend the rest of my life saying ….THANK YOU.

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