November 1st !

 I love the month of November ! It means my birthday, and Thanksgiving . Every year I say to myself,”self, slow down and enjoy this !” And every year it flies by, as I prepare for Christmas and Z’s birthday(jan 5). How do I do it this year ? How can I get the most out of my November ?

               Here is my idea, prepare yourself ,it is contrary to yesterdays blog when I declared the public in general ,was on my nerves…. I am going to challenge myself to do fun stuff with family and friends. Old friends and new. Last night was Halloween and we basically invited ourselves over to a friend of Isaiah’s house. His name is Max, and we think he is great. Max just happens to belong to great parents and have an adorable sister Adam’s age. And don’t forget Gran, Max has a grandmother called Gran who is also adorable. SO….we invited ourselves to their house for All HALLOWS EVE, and they graciously entertained us and cooked for us ! A fun time was had by all. I felt victorious over this old spirit of isolation that hangs around me. GO ME ! So, Octobers challenge of not eating out is over (it was hard but good). And Novembers challenge is……spending time with family and friends, old and new. I want spur of the moment get togethers, and kids playing, I want bon-fires and cookouts, I want happy memories and good times, Ultimately….I want the joy of the Lord to fall down this November.If you can help me with this and you like a challenge, BRING IT ON.ramos_fall6

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