For those of you who followed my link to Victoria Martinsen and prayed for her and her family,thank you. She walked into the arms of the Lord yesterday afternoon.  Half of her life she fought this battle against cancer, and along the way, changed my life and countless others. She was an ambassador in every sense of the word. She never gave up and she never gave in. Her spirit man was in top fighting shape. I will never forget the spunk that she was so willing to share.

                       My urgency to pray for her family has never been stronger, so if you feel it too, join me. Its a new day for them, a whole new life. They have 2 little boys that can’t remeber a time when there was no sickness. They will have to readjust to life. So, pray today for SUPERNATURAL blessings, and grace to get through. you can go hear and read the beautiful words that her mom has written about her. I am not going to be sad today, but I am not going to forget either. love each other today.m_aGddmOMFoYGkrNNE

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