Honestly ?

           I don’t know if anyone reads this blog, but man, do I enjoy writing it. Not as much as I enjoy writing bits of songs on scraps of paper, but I still like it a lot. Its an outlet, at a time when I feel like the Lord is setting me apart for teaching.

                   I have been feeling alone, but I know that I am not. I can feel him. Even in my venting, and my frustration, I do not go with out him.  He covers and uncovers me as he sees fit.

        Makes me sort of mad that I even WANT human companionship. I want to want him and I need to need him, I love to love him, and yeah sometimes I beg him to beg me. (somebody should write a song like that :))

                SOMETHING is going on with me. I don’t know what, and to tell you the truth…thats ok. I am an open book, sometimes too open. The good thing about this blog is that, it is mine, and I can be  as honest as I want on it.

                 So here is my truth today…

  • people, in general are on my nerves
  • i am being convicted right now for the truth listed above.
  • my house is not clean, but my hair is.
  • i love my kids enough to both kill, and/or die for them.
  • I hate it when the Butcher leaves trash in my car
  • the above listed truth leads me to sin
  • i go from bothered to irate in about 30 seconds
  • the above listed truth leads me to sin and repent
  • I am sick of politics
  • i am sick of fake people
  • fake bubbies are ok with me, but not a fake heart
  • I have never committed to a hairdresser
  • nothing on earth makes me feel like I do when I am worshipping the Lord. nothing.
  • Nothing breaks my heart or causes me more insecurities than worshipping the Lord.
  • I hate the truth listed above.
  •  I can’t stand to be decieved, and yet, I let the enemy do it to me on a daily basis.
  • If I love you, I love you.
  • I want to love more people
  • I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Honestly ?

  1. Angie…. I’ve been reading your blog all morning… Sometimes..I guess…. when we’re alone and there are no voices… God simply speaks. Thanks for your words…

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